Thymeleaf 3

We are in the process of updating all our documentation to Thymeleaf 3.0. Some tutorials, articles and example applications have already been updated, but not all have. Please check the status of each individual artifact.


These are both learning and reference materials for Thymeleaf. If you want to know how to use Thymeleaf, then start here.

Using Thymeleaf   (Updated to Thymeleaf 3.0)

All the Thymeleaf basics: from an introduction to Thymeleaf and how to use it, to a reference of all its processors/utilities. A must read for new and veteran Thymeleaf users.

Thymeleaf + Spring   (Updated to Thymeleaf 3.0)

Docs and reference specific to Spring integration. Be sure to give Using Thymeleaf a read before venturing here.

Extending Thymeleaf   (Updated to Thymeleaf 3.0)

Finding that Thymeleaf almost meets your needs and you want to push it that little further with your own custom dialects/processors and/or utilities? Then consider this guide your starting point.

The Thymeleaf Interactive Tutorial

Maybe you learn better by doing rather than reading? Then give our interactive tutorial a spin.


Quick glimpses into what Thymeleaf can bring to your project.


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