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Exactly how much is Thymeleaf being used? Well... we don't know for sure :-) Thymeleaf is open source, free, and downloadable without restrictions, so there is actually no reason why anyone would come and tell us 'hey - we're using your software!'... — We actually love it like that because it gives our users total freedom, but the downside is we are not able to offer accurate data about the real degree of success the project is enjoying.

Alright so, what can we show you here? Two things: first, some download figures. And second, some info about those companies or projects using thymeleaf who have been so kind to take part in this section — thanks to all of them!

Our figures

These are our figures for downloads per month for the last year, measured by the Maven Central repository, and only referred to the thymeleaf core jar, this is, not including Spring integration, extras, etc. Also, these figures do not include distribution (.zip file) downloads from the binary repositories at Bintray.

Our users

Cool people use cool technologies! Below you will be able to see some really interesting names, and learn in their own words what brought them to Thymeleaf and how they are currently using it.

If your company, commercial product, open source project or popular public website is using Thymeleaf in production and you would like it to be listed here, we would just need a logo, a brief paragraph or two describing how Thymeleaf is being used, and of course your permission to show both things here :)

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  • Broadleaf is an open source, enterprise-ready eCommerce solution developed using the widely adopted Spring Framework. We built our 2.0 demo site in Thymeleaf.

    After an overwhelmingly positive building experience, picking a templating language for our admin tool when we were replatforming was obvious. We currently leverage Thymeleaf for both our 3.0 demo site and internal admin tool.

    The flexibility and extension hooks Thymeleaf provided made it the easy choice for a framework that embodies the same characteristics.

  • Apereo CAS provides enterprise single sign-on for the web and attempts to be a comprehensive platform for authentication and authorization needs.

    Starting with version 5, CAS has entirely embraced Thymeleaf as its main UI templating/rendering engine. We wanted to find a platform that was open source, license-friendly to CAS, lightweight and modern. As changing the CAS look and feel is one of the most common deployment considerations, we also wanted the UI engine to not require a ton of programming expertise for beginners, and unlike the old JSP model, be flexible to run in any browser without any upfront hassle. Thymeleaf fit the criteria perfectly, and of course built-in support via Spring Boot was certainly very good encouragement and reassurance.

  • Connect Group is a UK based marketing agency which among other things, develops websites, applications and digital strategy.

    We use the flexibility offered by Thymeleaf to streamline our workflow and to allow our frontend HTML developers to work closely with Java developers. We are using Thymeleaf in more and more of our projects; to date, we have developed intranet applications using Thymeleaf and class-leading automotive configurator experiences which receive millions of hits each day.

  • Enonic is an open source technology company. We're on a mission to simplify digital transformation. Thymeleaf is the default HTML templating engine in our Web Operating System - Enonic XP.

    Our customers use Enonic XP to build and deliver enterprise scale sites and web applications internationally. Enonic XP supports pluggable template engines, but ships by default with XSLT and Mustache for XML and JSON rendering respectively.

    While searching for a better way to produce HTML - we discovered Thymeleaf. The brilliant idea of enabling static HTML files to be templates simultaneously blew our mind. Thymeleaf was the obvious choice when selecting the default HTML templating engine for Enonic XP.

  • Here2Shop is a social eCommerce website launched in Taiwan since 2015. We aim to bridge our customers and vendors to a win-win situation based on content marketing and friends sharing eCommerce experiences.

    In Here2Shop, we use Thymeleaf for our technical and designer staff to co-work very easily, since it can be served with or without service running. Our whole site views, including front store, vendor and admin management pages, are made by Thymeleaf and Spring MVC.

  • KarmatHome is an accommodation social network born in 2014. Free and safe, based on the experience of sharing holiday accommodation between friends and friends of friends.

    KarmatHome uses Thymeleaf for its user presentation cover so as to attain a perfect integration with the technological stack used in its view, that is, Spring MVC, HTML5, JQuery and Bootstrap. Thymeleaf allows us to create the perfect mockup/model and its subsequent integration in the project in a fast and simple way.

  • Lagerwey designs and produces Direct Drive wind turbines 'in house' and offers an efficient and reliable product in the multi megawatt range. We deliver our projects turn-key and provide a complete service and maintenance package. Our flexible and transparent approach leads to long lasting relationships with our partners. Together with our customers we have been offering the world clean and reliable wind energy since 1979.

    Thymeleaf is used for developing a web portal for the Lagerwey customers, asset managers and service personnel. Using this portal the Lagerwey wind turbines and wind farms can be monitored and controlled. Thanks to Thymeleaf we are able to develop HTML5 pages displaying the wind turbines real time data.

  • Onegini is an independent free service to create a Digital Identity. With your Onegini account you will be able to securely register and login to third parties. After registration at Onegini, you control which data to share with third parties.

    We use Thymeleaf for our SAAS service. With Thymeleaf we can work on our templates both with and without running the service. This way our UI developers can create / maintain the templates while the backend developers make them dynamic.

  • PPI AG is a German Software Development Company which develops products and individual software.

    We developed a test management system for a large German bank. It was a small project which concentrated on the things which had the greatest business value. We used Thymeleaf in combination with Spring MVC. Despite the fact that many team members weren't familiar with the technical stack, the project could be realized in time and budget.

  •, established back in 2000 by Aksoy Group, played a significant role in the development of internet in Turkey. Last 13 years, earned a well deserved pioneering role in the Turkish internet sector by delivering innovative services and products.

    Today, is one of the largest classifeds and marketplace website with more than 28 million monthly visitors and over 3 billion page views per month. With a great team of 300 people, is enjoying a fast paced growth even after 13 years.

    At, Thymeleaf is mainly used to serve classified search results, which roughly is 50% of's traffic.

  • Trabe is a company based in Spain mainly focused on web development using Java and Ruby On Rails.

    We discovered Thymeleaf at a very early stage and, from the very begining, we loved the tidiness and readability of its templates. We were at the time looking for a replacement for JSP in our Java stack and we ended up combining Spring MVC and Thymeleaf.

    Since then we have successfully developed a variety of internet and intranet applications using this combination. Thymeleaf has also improved our workflow, easing the communication between the different profiles involved in our projects.

  • WallRide is an open-source, 100% pure Java multilingual CMS especially made for developers by Tagbangers, inc. It was developed using Spring Framework, Hibernate and Thymeleaf, and carefully designed for maintainability and customizability.

    Taking advantage of Thymeleaf, WallRide can separate templates completely from the system. For example, users can upload templates written with Thymeleaf to Amazon S3, and of course use local file systems. WallRide can also provide frontend developers with custom Thymeleaf dialects that allow them to place specific content in the specific section of the screen they want by only modifying templates, without server-side modification.

  • YobiDrive is a cloud sharing services factory: it contains everything to build fast and operate at best cost tailored made collaborative cloud services, for any company wanting to propose services in the area of file sharing, video, collaboration...

    YobiDrive uses Thymeleaf in its distributed application server layer, for rendering HTML5 pages and RESTFUL Apis XMLs. Thymeleaf is fully integrated, bringing ease of customization and giving back the power to the web design specialists