The Thymeleaf ecosystem is composed of official tools and extensions, created by the Thymeleaf Team and officially supported as a part of the project, and also unofficial tools and extensions, linked from this page but developed and maintained by Thymeleaf users outside of the Thymeleaf Project and distributed under their own license and support terms.

Official Tools & Extensions

The artifacts listed in this section are auxiliary libraries, tools or integration modules that are not directly a part of the Thymeleaf core but are part of the project, developed and supported by the Thymeleaf Team.

Thymeleaf Testing library

The Thymeleaf Testing library allows developers to create automated tests for Thymeleaf applications and extensions in a very easy and declarative way. Among its features:

  • Works as an independent library, callable from multiple testing frameworks like e.g. JUnit.
  • Tests only the view layer: template processing and its result.
  • Allows specifying test input as markup fragments and also as links to the template files of a Thymeleaf-based application being developed, in order to easily test its view layer.
  • Versatile testing artifacts: test sequences, iteration, concurrent execution...
  • Spring Framework and Spring Security integration.

Test specifications can be as simple as this:

More at the project site:

Thymeleaf Eclipse IDE plugin

The Thymeleaf plugin for Eclipse IDE adds content assist features that make working in Thymeleaf templates nicer and much more comfortable.

  • Code completion of Thymeleaf attribute processors.
  • Detailed explanations for each attribute.
  • Content assist inside expressions: expression utility objects.

Content assist makes your life easier:

More at the project site:

Thymeleaf + Apache Tiles 2

The Thymeleaf Extras Tiles 2 library provides a dialect that allows using Apache Tiles 2 as the layout method of Thymeleaf-based applications. Features:

  • Use Thymeleaf templates in Tiles definitions.
  • Use Thymeleaf template fragments in layout definitions, natural templates possible with Tiles!
  • Mix JSP and Thymeleaf templates in the same layout if required.
  • Optional Spring MVC 3 and Spring Web Flow 2.3 integrations.

With this library, Tiles definitions can specify Thymeleaf templates, or even only fragments of them (in the usual th:include notation):

...and templates can call the Thymeleaf Tiles Dialect to include other parts of the layout:

More at the project site:

Thymeleaf + Spring Security

The Thymeleaf Extras Spring Security library provides a dialect that allows integrating several authorization and authentication aspects of Spring Security (versions 3.x and 4.x) into Thymeleaf-based applications. Features:

  • Thymeleaf-based equivalent to the Spring Security JSP tag library.
  • Adds new expression utility objects like #authentication and #authorization for integrating Spring Security capabilities into Thymeleaf expressions.
  • Adds new attributes like sec:authentication and sec:authorized for easier configuration of security.

With this library, role-based access restrictions defined in Spring Security can be easily used:

The security-related objects can also be included in your normal Thymeleaf expressions:

More at the project site:

Thymeleaf + IE Conditional Comments

The Thymeleaf Extras Conditional Comments library provides support for Internet Explorer conditional comments in Thymeleaf templates.

  • Process Thymeleaf attribute processors inside conditional comments.
  • Supports the whole syntax of conditional comments.

IE Conditional comments look like this:

...and thanks to this library, they are correctly executed like:

More at the project site:

Unofficial Tools & Extensions

The artifacts listed in this are developed, maintained and hosted by the community. They are therefore not an official part of the Thymeleaf Project.

Note that a small number of these unofficial projects keep a close relation to the Thymeleaf Project or the Thymeleaf Team and they are especially recommended, which is why they appear highlighted.


Tools and Integrations