Interface IDecoupledTemplateLogicResolver

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      • resolveDecoupledTemplateLogic

        ITemplateResource resolveDecoupledTemplateLogic​(IEngineConfiguration configuration,
                                                        String ownerTemplate,
                                                        String template,
                                                        Set<String> templateSelectors,
                                                        ITemplateResource resource,
                                                        TemplateMode templateMode)

        Resolve an ITemplateResource object containing the decoupled template logic to be applied to the template being processed.

        Normally, this decoupled template logic resource will be obtained from the original template's resource itself, but implementations can opt for different mechanisms.

        configuration - the configuration object being used.
        ownerTemplate - the owner of the template for which this is being resolved, or null if it is a first-level template.
        template - the template for which decoupled logic is being.
        templateSelectors - the selectors to be used, defining the fragments that should be processed.
        resource - the resource of the resolved template.
        templateMode - the template mode to be applied to the resolved template.
        the resource containing the decoupled template logic, or null if there isn't any.