Package org.thymeleaf

Class DialectConfiguration

  • public final class DialectConfiguration
    extends Object

    Configuration class for a specific IDialect. Objects of this class specify a dialect to be used at a template engine, along with the prefix to be applied to it.

    When a dialect is specified WITH a prefix, this means we want that dialect's processors to match on attributes and elements that have such prefix in their names. This configured prefix will override the default prefix specified by the dialect instance itself. If the specified prefix is null, this will mean the processors will apply on elements/attributes with no prefix.

    When a dialect is specified WITHOUT a prefix, this means we will just use the default prefix returned by the dialect instance itself, if it applies (i.e. if it implements IProcessorDialect).

    Note a class with this name existed since 1.0, but it was completely reimplemented in Thymeleaf 3.0

    Daniel Fernández
    • Constructor Detail

      • DialectConfiguration

        public DialectConfiguration​(IDialect dialect)
      • DialectConfiguration

        public DialectConfiguration​(String prefix,
                                    IDialect dialect)
    • Method Detail

      • getDialect

        public IDialect getDialect()
      • getPrefix

        public String getPrefix()
      • isPrefixSpecified

        public boolean isPrefixSpecified()