Interface IProcessorDialect

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    AbstractProcessorDialect, StandardDialect

    public interface IProcessorDialect
    extends IDialect

    Base interface for all dialects providing processors (IProcessor objects) to the template engine.

    Dialects of this kind can specify a prefix (see getPrefix()) which will be considered the default prefix for that dialect. Users can however change the prefix to be used at the moment the dialect is added to the template engine.

    Also, prefix can be null, in which case the dialect's processors will be acting on attributes and elements without a namespace.

    The dialect processor precedence is a dialect-wide precedence value that allows the ordering of processors in different dialects depending on the dialect they come from, i.e. allowing that all the processors from a specific dialect are executed before or after all the processors of another one, whatever the individual precedence values of the processors in the dialects might be.

    Daniel Fernández
    See Also:
    IDialect, StandardDialect
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      • getPrefix

        String getPrefix()
      • getDialectProcessorPrecedence

        int getDialectProcessorPrecedence()