Interface IWritableCharSequence

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    AbstractLazyCharSequence, AggregateCharSequence, LazyEscapingCharSequence, LazyProcessingCharSequence

    public interface IWritableCharSequence
    extends CharSequence

    Common interface for CharSequences that can be directly written to an output Writer.

    This will be used by a variety of implementations providing the capability to write text generated by the engine somehow directly to output (to the output writer, which will correspond to an HttpServletResponse#getWriter() writer in most web applications). This avoids the need to generate a large number of (possibly large) String object in memory before these values being output.

    Daniel Fernández
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        void write​(Writer writer)
            throws IOException

        Write the contents of this char sequence directly to an output Writer.

        This method can avoid the need to create a String object containing all the contents in this character sequence just when we want to write it to a Writer.

        writer - the writer to write the character sequence to.
        IOException - if an input/output exception happens during writing