Class ClassLoaderTemplateResolver

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      • ClassLoaderTemplateResolver

        public ClassLoaderTemplateResolver()
      • ClassLoaderTemplateResolver

        public ClassLoaderTemplateResolver​(ClassLoader classLoader)
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      • computeTemplateResource

        protected ITemplateResource computeTemplateResource​(IEngineConfiguration configuration,
                                                            String ownerTemplate,
                                                            String template,
                                                            String resourceName,
                                                            String characterEncoding,
                                                            Map<String,​Object> templateResolutionAttributes)
        Description copied from class: AbstractConfigurableTemplateResolver

        Compute the real resource, once the resource name has been computed using prefix, suffix, and other configured artifacts.

        Specified by:
        computeTemplateResource in class AbstractConfigurableTemplateResolver
        configuration - the engine configuration in use.
        ownerTemplate - the owner template, if the resource being computed is a fragment. Might be null.
        template - the template (normally the template name, except for String templates).
        resourceName - the resource name, complete with prefix, suffix, aliases, etc.
        characterEncoding - the character encoding to be used for reading the resource.
        templateResolutionAttributes - the template resolution attributes, if any. Might be null.
        the template resource