Class FragmentSignatureUtils

  • public final class FragmentSignatureUtils
    extends Object
    Daniel Fernández
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      • processParameters

        public static Map<String,​Object> processParameters​(FragmentSignature fragmentSignature,
                                                                 Map<String,​Object> specifiedParameters,
                                                                 boolean parametersAreSynthetic)

        Processes a set of parameters that have been specified for a fragment signature.

        This processing matches the specified parameters against the ones in the signature, allowing the specified ones (usually coming from a fragment selection like th:include) to be nameless, so that their values are matched to their corresponding variable name during this parameter processing operation.

        The resulting processed parameters are typically applied as local variables to the nodes of a selected fragment.

        fragmentSignature - the signature parameters should be processed against
        specifiedParameters - the set of specified parameters
        parametersAreSynthetic - whether the parameter names in the specifiedParameters map are synthetic or not
        the processed set of parameters, ready to be applied as local variables to the fragment's nodes.