Interface IProcessingInstructionStructureHandler

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    public interface IProcessingInstructionStructureHandler

    Structure handler class meant to be used by IProcessingInstructionProcessor implementations.

    Structure handlers allow processors to instruct the engine to perform a series of actions that cannot be done directly from the processors themselves, usually because these actions are applied or have effects on scopes broader than the processed events themselves.

    Daniel Fernández
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      • reset

        void reset()

        Resets all actions specified so far for the current processor execution.

      • setProcessingInstruction

        void setProcessingInstruction​(String target,
                                      String content)

        Instructs the engine to set new values into the properties of the ProcessingInstruction event being processed.

        target - the new target value
        content - the new content value
      • replaceWith

        void replaceWith​(IModel model,
                         boolean processable)

        Instructs the engine to replace the current event with the specified model (a IModel).

        model - the model to be used as a replacement.
        processable - whether the model should be considered processable or not.
      • removeProcessingInstruction

        void removeProcessingInstruction()

        Instructs the engine to remove the entire event that is being processed.