Class PreProcessor

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    public final class PreProcessor
    extends Object
    implements IPreProcessor

    Basic implementation of IPreProcessor.

    This implementation will suffice for most of the scenarios in which specifying a pre-processor at a dialect is needed.

    Daniel Fernández
    • Method Detail

      • getTemplateMode

        public final TemplateMode getTemplateMode()
        Description copied from interface: IPreProcessor

        Returns the template mode this pre-processor should be executed for. A pre-processor can only be linked to a specific template mode.

        Specified by:
        getTemplateMode in interface IPreProcessor
        the template mode.
      • getPrecedence

        public final int getPrecedence()
        Description copied from interface: IPreProcessor

        Returns the precedence that should be applied to this pre-processor. This will determine the order in which it will be executed in relation to any other pre-processors (note that the dialect precedence determined by IPreProcessorDialect.getDialectPreProcessorPrecedence() will be applied first).

        Specified by:
        getPrecedence in interface IPreProcessor
        the pre-processor precedence.