Interface IElementTag

    • Method Detail

      • getTemplateMode

        TemplateMode getTemplateMode()

        Returns the template mode to which this element tag is linked.

        Element tags are created for a specific template mode and cannot be added to IModel objects that do not match this template mode.

        the template mode.
      • getElementCompleteName

        String getElementCompleteName()

        Returns the complete name of the element (including prefix) as a String.

        If this event models a tag that was actually parsed from a template, this value will represent the exact way in which the element name was written in the template.

        the element complete name.
      • getElementDefinition

        ElementDefinition getElementDefinition()

        Returns the ElementDefinition corresponding to this tag.

        The element definition contains several metadata related to the element. For example, if the template mode is TemplateMode.HTML, an element definition could specify whether the element is void or not (i.e. should be expected to have a body).

        the element definition.
      • isSynthetic

        boolean isSynthetic()

        Returns whether the tag is synthetic (i.e. not originally present in a template, but rather a tag balancing artifact).

        whether the tag is synthetic or not.