Class Objects

  • public final class Objects
    extends Object

    Expression Object for performing operations related to general object management inside Thymeleaf Standard Expressions.

    An object of this class is usually available in variable evaluation expressions with the name #objects.

    Daniel Fernández
    • Constructor Detail

      • Objects

        public Objects()
    • Method Detail

      • nullSafe

        public <T> T nullSafe​(T target,
                              T defaultValue)
      • arrayNullSafe

        public <T> T[] arrayNullSafe​(T[] target,
                                     T defaultValue)
      • listNullSafe

        public <T> List<T> listNullSafe​(List<T> target,
                                        T defaultValue)
      • setNullSafe

        public <T> Set<T> setNullSafe​(Set<T> target,
                                      T defaultValue)