Class StandardEngineContextFactory

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      • StandardEngineContextFactory

        public StandardEngineContextFactory()
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      • createEngineContext

        public IEngineContext createEngineContext​(IEngineConfiguration configuration,
                                                  TemplateData templateData,
                                                  Map<String,​Object> templateResolutionAttributes,
                                                  IContext context)
        Description copied from interface: IEngineContextFactory

        Creates a new IEngineContext to be used for processing a specific template.

        Note this factory method will be only called once during the processing of a template. Once a engine context instance has been created, the engine will try to reuse it for any nested processing operations as far as possible. This means that, e.g., the templateData specified here will only be the root-level template data (the one for the template that is actually being used as an ITemplateEngine.process(...) argument). Any th:insert or th:replace operations inside that template will not ask this factory to create a new engine context, but instead just increase the nesting level of the already-existing one (see IEngineContext.increaseLevel()) and set the new, nested template data for that level (see IEngineContext.setTemplateData(TemplateData)).

        Note also that the context object passed here as an argument will normally correspond to the simple IContext implementation used for calling ITemplateEngine.process(...) and, therefore, will normally be an object of class EngineContext, WebContext or similar.

        Specified by:
        createEngineContext in interface IEngineContextFactory
        configuration - the engine configuration being used.
        templateData - the TemplateData to be applied at level 0, i.e. the top-level template being processed.
        templateResolutionAttributes - the template resolution attributes specified for processing this template.
        context - the context, normally the one used for calling the Template Engine itself.
        a new, freshly built engine context instance.