Class AbstractEngineContext

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IContext, IEngineContext, IExpressionContext, ITemplateContext
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    EngineContext, WebEngineContext

    public abstract class AbstractEngineContext
    extends Object
    implements IEngineContext

    Utility abstract class partially implementing IEngineContext.

    This class is meant to be used as a base for implementations of IEngineContext. Note however that creating an implementation of IEngineContext can be very complex and normally unneeded. The default implementations should suffice for most scenarios.

    Note this abstract implementation does not implement basic variable-management methods such as those coming from the IContext interface because that is considered the responsibility of the implementing subclasses.

    Daniel Fernández
    • Method Detail

      • getLocale

        public final Locale getLocale()
        Description copied from interface: IContext

        Returns the locale that should be used for processing the template.

        Specified by:
        getLocale in interface IContext
        the locale to be used.
      • getTemplateMode

        public final TemplateMode getTemplateMode()
        Description copied from interface: ITemplateContext

        Returns the template mode of the template currently being processed.

        Note that the TemplateMode returned here corresponds with origin of the elements or nodes being currently processed. This is, if a processor is being executed for an element inserted from an external template (via a th:insert, for example), then this method will return the template mode for the template in which the inserted fragment lives, not the one it was inserted into.

        Specified by:
        getTemplateMode in interface ITemplateContext
        the template mode of the elements or nodes being currently processed.
      • getMessage

        public final String getMessage​(Class<?> origin,
                                       String key,
                                       Object[] messageParameters,
                                       boolean useAbsentMessageRepresentation)
        Description copied from interface: ITemplateContext

        Computes an externalized (internationalized, i18n) message to be used on a template.

        This method is meant to be called mainly by processors that need to output externalized messages.

        Specified by:
        getMessage in interface ITemplateContext
        origin - the origin class to be used for message resolution. When calling from a processor, this is normally the processor class itself. See IMessageResolver.
        key - the key of the message to be retrieved.
        messageParameters - the parameters to be applied to the requested message.
        useAbsentMessageRepresentation - whether an absent message representation should be returned in the case that the message does not exist (see IMessageResolver).
        the requested message, correctly formatted. Or an absent message representation, or null if no absent message representations are allowed.
      • buildLink

        public final String buildLink​(String base,
                                      Map<String,​Object> parameters)
        Description copied from interface: ITemplateContext

        Computes link to be used on a template.

        This method is meant to be called mainly by processors or expressions that need to output links.

        Specified by:
        buildLink in interface ITemplateContext
        base - the base of the link URL to be built, i.e. its path. Can be null.
        parameters - the (optional) URL parameters.
        the built URL, or an exception if no link builders are able to build this link.