Class StandardEachAttrProcessor

  extended by org.thymeleaf.processor.attr.AbstractAttrProcessor
      extended by org.thymeleaf.processor.attr.AbstractIterationAttrProcessor
          extended by org.thymeleaf.standard.processor.attr.AbstractStandardIterationAttrProcessor
              extended by org.thymeleaf.standard.processor.attr.StandardEachAttrProcessor
All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable<IAttrProcessor>, IAttrProcessor

public final class StandardEachAttrProcessor
extends AbstractStandardIterationAttrProcessor

Daniel Fernández

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.thymeleaf.processor.attr.AbstractIterationAttrProcessor
AbstractIterationAttrProcessor.IterationSpec, AbstractIterationAttrProcessor.StatusVar
Field Summary
static String ATTR_NAME
static Integer ATTR_PRECEDENCE
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Set<AttrApplicability> getAttributeApplicabilities()
           Return the attribute applicabilities.
 Integer getPrecedence()
           Return this processor's precedence.
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getIterationSpec, getValueProcessorDependencies
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compareTo, getMessage, getMessageForProcessor, getMessageForTemplate
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Field Detail


public static final Integer ATTR_PRECEDENCE


public static final String ATTR_NAME
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Constructor Detail


public StandardEachAttrProcessor()
Method Detail


public Set<AttrApplicability> getAttributeApplicabilities()
Description copied from interface: IAttrProcessor

Return the attribute applicabilities.

These applicabilities (a set of AttrApplicability objects) specify the cases in which this attribute processor would be executed. This must at least include an attribute name (execute if attribute name is A) and can also include tag names (execute if attribute name is A and it is set in a tag with name T), companion attributes with values (execute if attribute name is A and it is set in a tag with name T which has an attribute A2 with value V), etc.

Refer to the AttrApplicability API for more details.

the attribute applicabilities.


public Integer getPrecedence()
Description copied from interface: IAttrProcessor

Return this processor's precedence.

When a tag includes several attributes that have an attribute processor associated, the precedences of these processors establish the order in which they will be executed (lowest precedence value is first). This is important because each attribute processor will be able to see the results of the previously executed ones.

the processor's precedence (lowest will be executed first).

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