Class SpringContextUtils

  • public class SpringContextUtils
    extends Object

    Utility class for easy access of information stored at the context in a Spring-enabled application (such as the Spring ApplicationContext).

    Daniel Fernández
    • Method Detail

      • getApplicationContext

        public static org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext getApplicationContext​(org.thymeleaf.context.ITemplateContext context)

        Get the ApplicationContext from the Thymeleaf template context.

        Note that the application context might not be always accessible (and thus this method can return null). Application Context will be accessible when the template is being executed as a Spring View, or else when an object of class ThymeleafEvaluationContext has been explicitly set into the ITemplateContext context with variable name ThymeleafEvaluationContext.THYMELEAF_EVALUATION_CONTEXT_CONTEXT_VARIABLE_NAME.

        context - the template context.
        the application context, or null if it could not be accessed.