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    public interface ISpringTemplateEngine
    extends org.thymeleaf.ITemplateEngine

    Sub-interface of ITemplateEngine meant for Spring applications, meant to be using the SpringStandardDialect and integrating with other Spring-bound infrastructure.

    The SpringTemplateEngine implementation of this interface (or a subclass) should be used in almost every case, but this interface improves testability of these artifacts.

    Daniel Fernández
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      void setTemplateEngineMessageSource​(org.springframework.context.MessageSource templateEngineMessageSource)
      Sets the Spring MessageSource to be used for this template engine.
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        void setTemplateEngineMessageSource​(org.springframework.context.MessageSource templateEngineMessageSource)

        Sets the Spring MessageSource to be used for this template engine.

        Note that the SpringTemplateEngine implementation will allow this to be set automatically by implementing the MessageSourceAware interface, but in such case this method will allow to override this mechanism if needed.

        templateEngineMessageSource - the message source to be used by the message resolver.